The Remarkable Return of the Nokia 3310

Nokia, after a downward spiral and various investments, have finally crafted something that people may actually want to buy – despite a whole host of poor efforts.

Much like Aragorn, or perhaps less fantastically Winston Churchill, the original Nokia 3310 showed incredible resilience in the face of great adversity and, as we all well know, was the phone to have for quite some time.

Now, with Nokia under new ownership, not only does this re-launch serve as an exaggerated PR ploy to blast Nokia’s name back into the stratosphere, it’s also just a genuine bit of fun – something which is desperately needed to lighten our increasingly serious world.

At £41 with 2.5G connectivity (which millennial even knows this existed?!), a digitally re-mastered version of snake, and a camera to boot, it’s going to quickly become the cheap phone of grumpy grandparents and frivolous festivalgoers alike.

In fact, I imagine that quite the cult following will arise around this contemporary take on a millennial classic. Probably culminating in some artsy project involving an exhibition of sorts of photos taken on the little beasty – marvellous darling, absolutely marvellous!

Although, due to the lack of applications and the limited connectivity that such a compact, and ultimately affordable device is destined to have, it’s hardly going to trouble the big cheeses in the smartphone mafia.

But, arguably, this isn’t Nokia’s aim – at least not for this particular model. As alluded to above, the whole release is one big marketing/advertising gimmick to promote the Nokia brand at large and to draw people’s attention to the fact that – yes; Nokia phones actually do exist in 2017! – Who’d have thought it eh?

Now, with pretty much absolutely every news outlet dedicating an article or two to this little phones Christ-like second coming, the folks over at Nokia have to be rubbing their hands together with glee – having achieved exactly what their little hearts desired… a buzz around Nokia like no other, all with the view to ultimately promoting its new line of smartphones. The verdict upon which, I for one, shall await with bated breath….

Mostly, I’m excited to see whether the Finnish tech giants have managed to transfigure the original models famed indestructibility into this fresh new take. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before someone chucks it into an industrial blender or under a panzer tank.

For now the jury is out with regards to the resultant success of the campaigns ultimate objective of promoting Nokia’s new arsenal of slightly less invincible smartphones.

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