Leftist, fascist, millennial – you may say these pigeonholes are my ‘trigger’

Monday morning, rain is falling, but fortunately I have coffee and content to read and write.

Here’s how the day’s gone so far.

Awake, un-scrunch eyes, rise, stretch, turn on laptop, dash around the interweb, become increasingly irritated at the usage of certain phrases, aggressively slurp coffee, splutter, sit down to write about it.

Leftist, fascist, millennial – you may say these pigeonholes are my ‘trigger’.

Despite aligning myself with many ‘left wing’ views I find the term leftist entirely vacuous in whatever context I see it. Whether it’s in the news, opinion pieces, trending videos, or personal claims upon the term – as if it was some kind of distinguishable badge of honour – I find its usage dull, and frankly quite boring.

Equally, the banality with which the term fascist is thrown around is another bugbear of mine. The Tory government, although cruel and conceited in the eyes of many, is fundamentally NOT fascist.

Moreover, with the air writhe with the putrid smell of empty election pledges and general party rhetoric, just because someone disagrees with you about the state of British, French, or even American politics doesn’t make them a fascist.

In my eyes, the more exaggerated the use of the term fascist is the less reticence it will ultimately have. So, when the time comes and something is truly fascistic the term may well already have been forced into an empty void rendering it essentially bereft of all meaning.

Away from these more politically charged terms, frequently in my personal and professional capacities, the term millennial just keeps cropping up.

Contrast ‘you are never more than 6ft away from a rat’ – with my own dictum – ‘You’re never more than three clicks away from a business article containing the term millennial.’

This isn’t to say that these pieces of writing are not of high quality, informative, or enlightening, no… it is rather that they’re marked, scarred, tainted, plagued if you like, by the term millennial.

What does millennial even mean? Supposedly the following:

“Millennial is the name given to the generation born between 1982 and 2004. Also known as Generation Y (Gen Y), the Millennial generation follows Generation X and in terms of numbers, and has edged out the Baby Boomers as the biggest generation in American history.”

My own adage – an adherence to technology – if you live in the ‘Western World’ – greed, apathy, lack of critical ability, seared irises, tendency to neurotically tap-tap-tap. Really, nothingness lays behind the term millennial, it is another attempt at definition that results in division.

I urge you to abandon these terms, to question their usage, both your own and others. Yes, they’re quick, and blissfully easy to deploy, but they’re sweeping and painfully general – devoid of all personality and humanity. Drop them now. Be human.

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