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Politics and human interactions

Unfortunately, these are divisional times, if the polarising effect Brexit had wasn’t enough we’re set for another begrudged trip to the polls come June 8th. Irrespective who wins on this day the effect is likely to once again open up a chasm between the young and the old, the privileged and the not so fortunate, [...]

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Leftist, fascist, millennial – you may say these pigeonholes are my ‘trigger’

Monday morning, rain is falling, but fortunately I have coffee and content to read and write. Here’s how the day's gone so far. Awake, un-scrunch eyes, rise, stretch, turn on laptop, dash around the interweb, become increasingly irritated at the usage of certain phrases, aggressively slurp coffee, splutter, sit down to write about it. Leftist, [...]

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The Remarkable Return of the Nokia 3310

Nokia, after a downward spiral and various investments, have finally crafted something that people may actually want to buy – despite a whole host of poor efforts. Much like Aragorn, or perhaps less fantastically Winston Churchill, the original Nokia 3310 showed incredible resilience in the face of great adversity and, as we all well know, [...]

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Three key elements to the success of Tesco’s ‘Food Love stories’ campaign

In 2015 Tesco was in the midst of a financial nightmare that resulted in losses of 6.3b. Naturally this had a negative impact on Tesco’s brand image resulting in quite the PR pickle. However, in early 2017 (and throughout 2016) Tesco as a brand – with the help of the recent appointment of BBH and [...]

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Measuring Social Media Engagement: The Basics

Social media accounts are held by over 1.65 billion finger-tapping mobile whizzes globally. It’s no surprise that your brand will want to surf the social media tidal wave and set up profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn. Once you’ve got to grips with your social media platforms, and started generating and sharing engaging brand-relevant content (through [...]

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Wayne Shaw, the Sutton Utd Social Media Sensation

Sutton UTD F.C’s gargantuan reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw has stirred up quite the storm on social media. Ever since the stars aligned and gifted Sutton a FA Cup match to remember against the frequently misfiring Gunners, Shaw has been in the spotlight - mostly for having the physical prowess of Augustus Gloop opposed to Petr [...]

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What Heineken can teach us about being human.

Showers… Not only are they great for general hygiene - a must in my opinion – but they’re also excellent for spawning new ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Perhaps it’s the humidity, or the pitter pater of the falling water – who knows? Over the course of a few showers now I’ve been trying to form [...]

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